Ana Romero

Smart pet health care in your pocket

Wooha UX case

Wooha is an artificial intelligence system that implements the expertise of veterinarians to empower dog owners to better understand their dog’s symptoms and thereby take action themselves. The web app asks a set of questions intended to guide the owner to a solution. The owner is informed as to what to do according to the dog’s condition, from access to medical assistance to food and supplement recommendations.

This provides an essential service to dog owners, who struggle when their dogs show sign of ill health. A dog’s inability to communicate naturally makes it hard for the owner to know if the dog needs urgent attention.

We started with a very simple flow to verify that the system works and to enable us to test a variety of products and services, through qualitative and quantitative testing.

Our design principles focused on mobile experience, clarity, consistency and familiarity.

We design and develop a UI style library that aloud to create multiple version and new design with more speed.